Austria is a beautiful nation with a rich history. There’s lots to do and lots of things that should be seen. This little nation’s got so much too it that it would be impossible for a person to experience it fully in one trip. If you’ve seen the sound of music you know there’s some beautiful sights to be seen. There’s also wonderful museums, restaurants and venues to tour. Don’t miss out on a single thing that graces this list.

See The Kitzbuheler Horn

Want to enjoy a view that’s 1,998 meters up in the sky? Then you’ll love the Kitzbuheler horn. This wonderful summit is located in the Tyrol region. You can reach it two ways. You can either go by cableway via Pletzeralm or you can choose to climb from the village of Kitzbuhel.

This wonderful mountain top is home to a fine alpine garden, restaurants and a beautiful chapel. It’s also a popular location to visit during sky season.

Melk Benedictine Abbey

Why not visit the world’s most famous monastic sites while in the area?

The Melk Benedictine Abbey is made up of several buildings that are sprawled across its seven, wonderful courtyards. Its twin-towered church is a wonderful sight to be seen. It rises above a semicircular Terrance range.

The remains of Austria’s first ruling family are within the church’s walls. The Abbey is home to a 196-meter corridor that’s decorated with portraits of all of Austria’s rulers.

You’ll also enjoy seeing the imperial rooms with their fine furniture and paintings.

Krimmler Ache

Australia is home to some beautiful waterfalls. The tallest of them all is Krimmler Ache. This waterfall is 380 meters long. It falls in three tremendous cascades. The area around the Krimmler Ache is wonderful for those who are into hiking. You can also enjoy climbing the Glockenkarkopf mountain. It’s 2,911 meters high.

Medieval Burg Hochosterwitz

Austria’s most important and famous medieval castle has been standing proud to the east of St. Veit since 860 A.D.. The castle was captured by the Khevenhullers and still belongs to that family today. It was enlarged to defend itself against Turkish invaders in 1570.

The burgweg, which is a steep road to the castle, has over 14 defensive gates. Which is probably why the castle has never been captured by a foe. Once you reach the castle you’ll find a cute, little chapel that has ceiling paintings dating back to 1570. The church also has a high altar dating back to 1729.

The Grossglockner Road

This road runs along one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe. It was constructed between 1930 and 1935. It runs through Austria’s highest mountain, Massif, and the Hohe Tuaern.

It’s Time To Visit Austria

If you’re looking for a beautiful nation with a lot of rich history, look no further than Austria. There’s plenty to do and see there. You’ll find an endless amount of attractions and scenery. Don’t be afraid to get lost in its majestic mountains.